It's always nice to hear from folks that have a DW Stevens instrument. Denny maintained a book of the names and associated serial numbers of his instruments that he specially made for his clients. If you have an instrument and purchased it from someone else, it would be my pleasure to hear from you and about you and your Stevens so that his log can be updated.

If you have a testimonial or thoughts you would like to express about Denny or his instruments, you may contact me through email

If you have technical questions regarding the building of his instruments, I regret that I was not gifted for understanding that "technical stuff" and the minute details for which he was a master.

I'm convinced that Denny's life was cut way too short when he came down with ALS due to the heavy solvents he used in building these lovely masterpieces. Very little research has been done on ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). So far, the research has narrowed the causes as either environmental or hereditary which is pretty broad. If you would like to make a contribution in his name (Dennis W. Stevens) to the ALS Association here are the addresses: email: Your contribution however much would be greatly appreciated so that more research can be done.


Karen Stevens

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